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REVIEW: Self-Made Scoundrel by Tristan J. Tarwater

Dershik Cartaskin is the heir to the Cartaskin Barony, a distinguished and ambitious household in the Valley of Ten Crescents. When his father sets his sights higher than the Sword and the Seat, Dershik refuses to take on a legacy of unquestioned power, abandoning those he loves for their benefit and his personal desires.

Taking on the name ‘Derk’ and a life of thievery, he strives to transform his world. The Holy Church, a cunning streetswoman, a peculiar guide, a beautiful priestess and a secret organization; Derk must face them all and forge his own legacy within the Valley of Ten Crescents.


I went into Self Made Scoundrel with ideas of what it would be about already in my head. Upon reading the blurb and beginning the book I realized it was not going to be a continuation of the first and I would have to wait even longer to find out what would become of Derk and Tavi. I was very excited for this book when I thought it would be an extension of the first and a bit disappointed when I found it was not. Let me not dwell on what I thought it would be and what it really was. . .

This book does a fantastic job at further developing Derk’s character and explaining the background on how he came to be a member of the Cup and even how he acquired Tavi. In this book we learn that Derk chose his life of thievery because he finds it enjoyable and that in reality he could have had a cushy life living as a baron. Even though Derk chose a life many probably would not the author still makes it possible to feel bad for him when things go wrong, instead of saying “well you chose this life, so it’s your fault”.  Overall, this is a very well written book (though it could use a second edit) and provides a lot of insight on Derk making him a character that you care about even more than the first book, or perhaps hate now that you know his history.

If you’ve read the first book, I would recommend this one as it compliments it very well. This still leaves me really wanting to find out what happens after the ending of the first book!

Self-Made Scoundrel is available at Amazon: Self-Made Scoundrel (The Valley of Ten Crescents #2)

Author’s website:

Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.