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REVIEW: A Little Magic by Valerie Gillen

A Hidden Power: Stepdancer Siobhan Kelly didn’t believe in magic – until the magic chose her.

A Promise Made: She’s been warned magic is evil, but with her grandmother felled by a deadly curse, she must make a bargain with the local Fairie prince – the return of their sacred Jewel in exchange for her grandmother’s life.

And it just might work too – if only she can escape the dark witch who’s made Siobhan her prey in the hunt for a deadly blood spell.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Siobhan Kelly as any teenager would be is upset about her parents uprooting her from one side of the country to the other for a grandmother she’s never met who is in a coma. She’s now living in her big creepy house full of things she isn’t allowed to touch with a mother who seems like she’s also never been in the house before despite growing up there. The house has a garden that never seems to die, even in the middle of winter and secret rooms full of who knows what. All Siobhan wants is to move back to California and continue her step dancing until a weird girl at school and a small fluffy cat found in the woods lead to more excitement than she bargained for.

A Little Magic is a great young adult read, possibly even middle grade but it does have some larger vocabulary and a few profanities thrown in. It has a plot that will pull you in and keep you guessing and entertained right from the beginning. I thought Siobhan was a very well-developed character and (even though I found it annoying as an adult, a teen might really appreciate it) I liked how the author used the stereotype of Siobhan being from California and all the kids thinking she was a “valley girl” and bringing in that stereotypical dialogue and carrying it through from the beginning of the book all the way to the end. This was a fun and quick read and I can see the author writing more stories about Siobhan and her family in the future.

I would have loved more background on the rest of the supporting characters in the book, especially Alicia and the background of Siobhan’s mom and Johanna, perhaps a flashback or two of when they were younger. Their stories are told briefly for the most part but I think more background could have added a lot more depth to the story. Also, the book does have some formatting errors that make it somewhat annoying but not bad enough to detract from the story itself.

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I have been away on vacation for the past 2 weeks and am now back and ready to write up some reviews. While away I read 1 book and 1 short story purchased by me (Watcher’s Web and Gnome Wars) which are briefly reviewed on goodreads, shelfari and amazon, but not here as I didn’t want to spend time writing my thoughts about them while on vacation.

During the next week or so look for reviews of Raven’s Heart by M.S. Verish and A Little Magic by Valerie Gillen.