Author Interview with Ami Blackwelder

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1.   Tell us a little bit about your current book(s).
My last novel was She Speaks to Angels. MY current projects are novellas. Midnight 1-3 and Zombified 1-3. Midnight is a twist on the vampire story and zombified is a collection of zombie housewives, zombie cowboys and zombie models novellas. Due August 2012. Afterward I will work on She Speaks to Angels novel 2: Falling Angels and 2 demon novellas based on a demon character from the angel stories. Due in 2012.

2.   Are you currently working on any projects? If so please tell us a little about them. 
See above

3.   What do you enjoy about writing fantasy vs. other genres?
I write in paranormal and scifi-paranormal primarily. Occasionally I do historical. I always have elements of thrillers, steampunk, or dystopia in many of my novels and overall I could be called a romantic suspense author. I love to write it and read it.

4.   What is your favorite fantasy series (book, tv show and/or movie)?
Star Wars, Twilight Zone.

5. If you could have any fantastical creature as a pet what would it be and why?  
 As a pet and so by that I take it to mean it obeys me…LOL. I would like like to have my wolf shifter Brendan as a pet. He would be cool to have on my side.

For more about Ami Blackwelder stop by her blog:

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