REVIEW: Last Chance Jack by Cate Dean

A Fantasy Short Story – approximately 37 pages

Jack is a guardian angel. A guardian angel who has failed every single assignment. For the past hundred years.

Now he has been given his final assignment, and he has one last chance. One chance to prove himself, one chance to change his fate.

But there is a catch: the assignment can’t see him, unless he can find a way to break through, a way to touch her. Only then can he even begin to help her.

He has three days.


Jack only has one last chance to get things right before being banished to Hell forever, and with only three days he needs to get his act together and figure things out quick. Jack quickly finds Kaylie and needs to figure out why she is so depressed and what he can do to “fix” her and complete this job correctly. Right off the bat you can tell Jack is going to have a lot of work ahead of him as Kaylie is depicted as very depressed and with little hope of things getting better anytime soon.

This was a very well written short story. It transitions back and forth very smoothly from Jack to Kaylie, so the reader is able to get a good amount of perspective from each character. This perspective has allowed Cate Dean to create two excellent, multi-faceted characters that work well together, and the story/dialogue play well off of their newly found trust and developing relationship. Nothing in this story seems too rushed and it also doesn’t seem to be missing anything. I was left feeling very satisfied after finishing this short story; it wraps up nicely and doesn’t leave any questions dangling in your face.

I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a little pick-me-up type story. Overall, it was an interesting and easy read with an entertaining plot.

Last Chance Jack can be found at Amazon: Last Chance Jack – A Fantasy Short Story

For more about the author visit:

Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Thank you for having me here today!

  2. No problem Cate, I enjoyed reading it!

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