REVIEW: The Demon’s Promise by Aliya Anjum

21-year-old Ena seeks romance and adventure in her life.

A trip to the ancient Hindu-Buddhist city of Taxila, near the city of Islamabad, is meant to be a getaway, but a silly prank leads to Ena being abducted by Mara, the demonic antagonist of Buddha. Temptation, is Mara’s demonic tool. He first uses it on Ena to transport her to the ancient Mauryan empire of India, circa 250 B.C. Ena soon finds herself being used as a pawn, in a deadly political game played between the Indian and Greek empires, by Mara.

Showing strength in the face of overwhelming adversity, Ena finds herself battling temptation, the demon’s tool.

A 6,857 word short story.


The Demon’s Promise is a short story set in India about a group of friends that go on vacation to Taxila, where a prank then turns into a demonic kidnapping. If you are an art history buff then this might interest you, otherwise it starts out almost like reading an art history text which I found to be incredibly dull. The plot itself surrounds ancient Indian history, which again if you are familiar with it or it intrigues you then you might find this interesting. Again, I found it similar to reading a textbook with a lot of the information not fully explained.

The writing itself could also use some work. Being a short story the plot moves very quickly however it does not do so in a flowing manner it is very jumpy and the story itself is full of missing words/incorrect grammar. It is easy to discern from this that English probably is not the author’s first language, so perhaps an edit by someone whose first language is English would fix these problems pretty quickly.

Overall, I did not enjoy this story and struggled to even finish it. It sounds like it would be a very interesting read from the description and perhaps with more character development and a little less history it would be more interesting to a wider variety of people and not just those interested in art and/or India.

The Demon’s Promise can be found at:

and Amazon: The Demon’s Promise


Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.


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