REVIEW: Forsaken – An American Sasquatch Tale by Christine Conder

A Sasquatch mother, still devastated by the disappearance of her daughter a year ago, is shocked when she gets word her girl may be alive.
Not just alive, but human.

Liberty Brewster has started to accept she may never know what happened to her daughter, Sage. There are other things to worry about now. Her widowed, human advocate is dying. When he passes, she and her mate will be forced to relocate.
When another member of their colony claims to have seen Sage, however, all of that changes.
Willing to break every Sasquatch rule in the quest to find her daughter, Liberty sets out to discover the truth, uncovering a secret about her ancestors that threatens to unravel everything she knows about her legacy in the process.

Forsaken – An American Sasquatch Tale is a 43,000 word Novella.


Forsaken was a very exciting read, I was immediately drawn in by the mystery and excitement that starts right from page one. It’s not a very long read and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read and delve further into the mysterious dissapearance of Sage, Liberty and Nathan’s daughter. I was also very intrigued by the author’s depiction of the Sasquatch which are similar to shape-shifters that are only able to change from human to Sasquatch or viceversa (I should mention that this is the first book I’ve ever read about Sasquatch so I can’t make any comparisons/ comments about how they are represented in this book to others.)

The author does an excellent job of developing a main character that the reader can develop compassion towards and will to succeed in her plight of finding her missing daughter. I spent the majority of this book trying to solve the mystery of Sage’s disappearance along with Liberty and hoping that she was correct and Sage really was out there somewhere.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novella and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys elements of fantasy, mystery and suspense. My only complaint about this novella is that it could use a second edit as there are some missing words and awkward phrasing, however, they do not detract enough from the overall story to skip this one.

Forsaken can be found at the following places:

Amazon: Forsaken – An American Sasquatch Tale

and smashwords:

Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.


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