Author Interview with Tristan J. Tarwater

1.   Tell us a little bit about your current book(s).
The current books I have out are Thieves at Heart, a novel and two short stories, Little Girl Lost and Botanica Blues. Little Girl Lost and Thieves are Heart are both part of The Valley of Ten Crescents series and revolve around a half elf, Tavera and her misadventures as a thief in the Valley. They’re more…gray fantasy or dark fantasy, since there isn’t any absolute good or absolute evil but there are plenty of people whose motives you can question. Thieves at Heart and Little Girl Lost go into Tavera’s start as a thief and her relationship with her pa, Derk. Botanica Blues is…very different from the other two. It’s set in modern times and is about a private investigator who is looking into some occult activity. It’s more urban, there’s a definite Lovecraftian element in there. My upbringing on the Lower East Side of Manhattan had a lot to do with it.

2.   Are you currently working on any projects? If so please tell us a little about them. 
Currently I’m working on getting ‘Self-Made Scoundrel’ in the can, which is the second book in the series but also a prequel. It goes more into Derk’s starts, the politics of the Valley and the various organizations running around behind the scenes. There’s a bit of romance, betrayal, families and alliances are formed but it’s still on a very small, intimate scale. I’m also working on a collection of weird tales to put out later in the year. I dig the Lovecraft Mythos and it’s fun to write creepy stuff. I also write an ongoing column at Troll in the Corner ( called ‘Realty Makes the Best Fantasy’ about things from our world and history that can be translated to gaming and RPGs.

3.   What do you enjoy about writing fantasy vs. other genres?
I like writing fantasy because I guess I like writing about the foundations of things, the starts. I like word-building a lot and fantasy settings are kind of fake histories. I’m hoping to write something set in the future of Ten Crescents. It’s fun to make up a history and biology and economy and religions and pantheons and all that and then drop individuals with their own desires and fears and needs and watch them go and mesh and grate.

4.   What is your favorite fantasy series (book, tv show and/or movie)?
My favourite piece of media in the fantasy genre? Hmm. That’s hard to answer. I enjoyed watching the latest season of Game of Thrones, especially because it was different from the books. I was always anxious to see what was changed. I liked Queens of Langkasuka, which is a Thai film I watched because I love martial arts movies and it was nice to see something based not in fantastic Europe.

5. If you could have any fantastical creature as a pet what would it be and why?  
Well, hmm. Maybe one of those giant turtles that can grow a habitat on their back? I love turtles and tortoises in general and one that I could live on? Hello, awesome. Though I guess it would start out small, with a bit of moss, perhaps. I wonder how long it takes them to grow island-nation size?

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