REVIEW: Splatterism: The Tragic Recollections of A Minotaur Assailant by C.S. Hand

“It is less dangerous to do evil to the majority of men than to do them too much good.”
La Rochefoucauld

A failed suicide attempt unites the last living minotaur, Evander, with the eminent sorcerer and perfidious rake Scammander, who might have lost all of his magical knowledge or might have just stashed it elsewhere to make room for his biggest plot yet.

Bonded by suffering and a special antipathy for humanity, the two set out to do what all villains dream of: destroying the world, one civilization at a time.

Is there anyone who can stop them?

Splatterism is a blood soaked novella of 24,000 words, constituting a grizzly, inclement prelude which is to be succeeded by two novel length entries.  This updated version now includes a preview chapter from the next entry in the series, Splatterism: The Horrific Recollections of A Minotaur Assailant (An Upbuilding Edifying Discourse).


Let me start off by saying this was one of the strangest and most mind blowing things I have read in a really long time. I started off a little confused and by chapter two thought this had to have been written while the author was dropping acid (in this case not necessarily a bad thing!), it is brilliantly descriptive and once you figure out what’s going on a pretty decent plot.

I’ll be honest, I really struggled to get through the first half of Splatterism simply because I wasn’t really sure what was going on and the author’s language was far above my head with me having to look up just about every other word (thank goodness for kindles built in dictionary, I’m not sure how I read books before it!). However, I was able to overlook all of the obnoxious language once I got about 90% of the way through the book and the book began making fun of its obnoxious language, it gave me a good laugh as well as a nice appreciation of good writing and one hell of a plot twist that I did not see coming, and I absolutely love it when I don’t see the twists coming because most things you read these days are so predictable.

Overall, I’m only rating this as an ok read because of how much I struggled to get through it. I didn’t really get into the story and understand/appreciate it until half way through, but if you enjoy lots of descriptive (and strange) murdering mixed with verbose language, more strangeness and a fast pace then you might love this one.

Splatterism can be found at Amazon: Splatterism: The Tragic Recollections of A Minotaur Assailant (Pars Prima: Hellenistic Asskicking)

For more about the author visit his blog:

Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. haha, what a great review!!

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this work and for creating a place where indie voices can be heard. I think sites like yours do a great service to our community.

    Very best wishes,

    Christopher S. Hand

  2. Sounds challenging and intriguing! I’m adding this to my TBR pile.

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