Author Interview with C.S. Hand

1. Tell us a little bit about your current book(s).
First of all, thank you for inviting me to an interview!  Now, to the books.  Well, I wish they were my books, but they are translations from Christian Winter.  I came across these particular MSS (as well as others by different authors) while toiling away in the “Bodley” (what the oxonians call The Oxford Bodleian Library) one summer while I was supposed to be doing much more intensive research.  In the upcoming full length novel I detail how I found these old manuscripts.  Splatterism is the introduction to two much more expansive works of dark fantasy.  It is a tale from the villains point of view–or what a society has labelled as villainous–regarding the destruction of the world.  It is fast paced, witty, and inclement with moments of very lyrical and lush language.
2. Are you currently working on any projects? If so please tell us a little about them.
I am currently working on a less poetically swelling book of epigrams from a different author which I hope to have completed by Halloween, titled “The Withered Garland: The Deaths of Eminent Heroes, Sorcerers, and Adventurers.”  It is a light derivation off of the Lives of Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius and a collection of ancient Greek poets called the Anthology, which, as the introduction tells us, originally meant “garland.”
3. What do you enjoy about writing fantasy vs. other genres?
Sometime ago I jotted down my musings on what attracted me to fantasy.  For anyone who would like read the more extensive (though unfinished) meditation on it, you can find the post here; but for the moment I’ll try to compress my thoughts.  I understand fantasy as the true heir of the poetic tradition inaugurated by poets like Homer and Hesiod.  I don’t believe in the novel, whose artistic validity creative writing programs attempt to justify through a nervous genealogical prevarication (citing the novel as a continuation of poetry).  Less polemically, fantasy is a remarkably pliant medium in which one can explore myriad problems from contemporary social issues to abstruse philosophical problems in a highly artistic medium.  We are fortunate to still have such a bountiful resource at our supposedly “late” position in history (though perhaps we aren’t so senescent as most modern philosophers would have us believe).
4. What is your favorite fantasy series (book, tv show and/or movie)?
Before I saw the series Merlin BBC randomly one night on NBC I had been thinking about how to attractively translate a particular text about an assassin, with a movie pitch in mind.  However, I was really averse to the idea of departing from Winter’s fantasy land and setting the tale in our world, which would limit the scope of what was possible, and, to me at least, how exciting the story could be.  But I was conflicted because I thought a more “modern” setting would be easier to pitch.  It was because of how much fun I had watching a random episode of Merlin that I decided to keep the setting of the the fantasy world that Christian Winter had created.  I’m now waiting on the season four DVD to arrive and can’t wait to watch it.  Probably all in one sitting.  So in short, I love Merlin!
5. If you could have any fantastical creature as a pet what would it be and why?
An imbruted sword that would tell me stories which were so fantastic and wonderful that I would believe in them so powerfully that my doubt could not overcome them, freeing me from having to tell myself stories all the time.  Alternatively, I would love the company of really droll albino Yetti.

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  1. Thanks for the interview, they were fun to answer!

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