REVIEW: The Knight by Laura Lond

Renown and knighted for capturing the fearsome Dark Elf of Syron, Sir Fredric has nagging doubts about his victory. His brother Malgrid’s drunken remark strengthens dire suspicions. Was it all some devious scheme? Fredric has enough enemies who would want to compromise his honor, especially with the prestigious Jewel Quest coming up.

It seems that there is only one person who can possibly shed some light on the situation—the Dark Elf himself. But will the captured enemy speak? Will Fredric discover the truth before a plot far more elaborate and danger much greater than he realizes take his life?

The Knight is is a novella of approximately 15,000 words (80 printed pages).


The Knight was an excellent sequel to The Prisoner, it answered just about every question I was left with after reading book one. I really enjoyed getting more background information on the Prisoner and seeing the relationship between him and Lenora grow. Also, learning more about the man who “captured” the Prisoner made for an interesting read.

This was a very fast paced short story, at some points it seemed a little bit too fast and also a bit too predictable, there were however a few plot twists that I did not see coming that set it up very well for a third story in the series. Unlike the first story which was very mysterious this one was much more straightforward and did not leave me with as many questions once I was done. There are new questions that arise concerning the new path the plot has taken towards the end which does leave you wondering what will happen next.

I was very excited to read this story and was definitely not disappointed, yet comparatively this story is not as good as the first. It did not leave me wanting more the same way the first did (although I would most certainly read the next story to find out what happens) and I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to read this story read the first one beforehand otherwise they will not have as good an experience because they will be missing very important details.

The Knight can be found at Amazon: The Knight (The Dark Elf of Syron, #2)

Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.


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