REVIEW: Claire: the Lost Fae by Aithne Jarretta

Solitary CLAIRE BRINAWELL moves from place to place chased by the forces of darkness. Even in slumber when dreaming usually fills the mind and soul with beauty, a hateful hound from Hades finds his way in with deadly intentions. Claire isn’t safe anywhere.

LEESON, Worthy Prince of Baderon in Annwn, lives Earthside of the magical Annwn veil. He has been sent to find Claire. Triumphant in his first skirmish with the darkside, they must return to San Francisco’s sacred pyramid. But Leeson discovers Claire has a mind of her own. Leeson’s stubbornness meets Claire’s feisty determination.

Claire has just met the most infuriating man, but soon realizes Leeson is important to her safety. Adventurous lessons in magical power, new friends, and growing feelings for Leeson draw Claire into her future life.


This novella follows Claire and her savior/soon to be lover Leeson as they engage on a journey full of demon slaying and magic in San Francisco. Claire: the Lost Fae sounded like it would be a pretty interesting quick read based off of the description. It did have a lot of action packed scenes for only being a little over 100 pages.

This book was awash with magic, it being used at every turn for just about any problem that occurred. I have no problems with magic; in fact I find it often leads to very interesting and entertaining reads. However, in this book without a lot of explanations it was used however the characters deemed it necessary. In this capacity and with little background knowledge on Fae or a distinction between the powers of the Fae as opposed to powers of witches as Claire is half witch and half Fae, I was a little confused at some parts as it seemed magic could be used in any capacity by anyone and for every problem that occurred.

I felt this book could use some more background and character building, as there are also several questions that were brought up yet never answered and/or points that were not discussed in a lot of detail which left more unanswered questions. Perhaps these questions are answered in the next book of the series but I felt like a lot of loose ends were created and then the author never came back to them to readdress them.

Overall, the story itself was ok, but the writing was not really my style with a lot of superfluous language. I think this would be a very good read for someone who likes a lot of very feminine directed writing and language. It is a very feminine read and not up my alley but the story does flow well with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Available at Amazon: Claire: the Lost Fae

Book received from author in exchange for an honest review.


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